Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to Mac 2010 Predictions

Since the hacks are putting out really lame predictions for the Apple's October 2010 'Back to Mac' event, I'll give a few good ones (in no particular order):

  • eSATA - atleast Mac Pro's should get this, preferably the entire lineup (perhaps the laptops will not get them for a longtime or ever). But desktops should. 3 Gbps (and 6 Gbps later) is pretty useful for backups and transfer of large files to external harddisks.
Lion / Mac OS X 10.7
  • FaceTime + iChat (fairly obvious, also FaceTime API for others)
  • Apple TV / FrontRow update - make FrontRow on Mac's run just like the new Apple TV.
  • Less sharp laptop edges! All Mac laptops have really sharp edges where the hands rest on the keyboard and it hurts after a while. Be nice to get them slightly curved.
  • Black MacBook Pro. The white and aluminium are nice, but the black one was very cool.
  • 7 inch iPad is also very welcome. Beware, I may get a manpurse if this happens, or really baggy jeans atleast.

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